Utilitising Microsoft Exchange, an enterprise class email system, ShadowMail is ideal for small and medium businesses. Microsoft Exchange unlocks the full potential of Outlook by sharing calendars, contacts, mailboxes and public folders. Full mailbox backup with email retention is a feature of Shadowmail, inclusive of premium Spam and Virus protection. Emails are considered legal documents, therefore it is imperative they are easily accessible and stored securely. Microsoft Exchange seamlessly enables businesses to achieve mobility and accessibility.

Hosted in Australia's Leading Data Centre
Our M1 data centre provides state of the art security. connectivity and protection against data and hardware loss With hardware and software monitoring, physical and digital securiy, and failover neWork infrastructure. your intellectual proper-W is always accessible and secure.

Premium Spam and AntiVirus Protection

You will receive premium spam protection. This includes quarantine reporting, live filtering and updates

Anywhere, Any Device

Your full mailbox can be accessed from anywhere. using any device Subfolders, sent items.
contacts and calendar items follow you and are synchonised across all devices. You will not be required to download the same email twice to different devices.

Compatible with PC, Mac and Android Devices

For users of PC Outlook 2007+ provides the best experience. whilst Mac Mail and Outlook 20 6 are the preferred applications for Apple Mac. Android devices can utilise Android Mail and Splanner or Outlook for Android for a desktop sWIe experience iPhone Mail, Calendar. Contacts and Outlook for iPhone applications are all compatible.

Mailbox Backup and Email Retention

Your email account is backed up nightly with mailbox retention set to 30 days. If an email is
permanently deleted from your mailbox, we can assist in retrieving it if it is within 4 days. If
you lose or damage your device, simply replacing the device and connecting your account will restore all of your email exactly as it was.

Email Account Sharing
You have the ability to share mailboxes berween users. Having multiple users access a single
mailbox can be beneficial for staff who role share, monitor accounts when staff are out of the office or utilise company email accounts.


Financial Benefits

No Upfront Investment
No physical server infrastructure, expensive Microsoft Exchange server licenses and is maintenance free.
Pay As You Grow, Cancel Any Time
Mailboxes are charged per month or annually. Mailboxes can be cancelled before the end of any month with no lock in contract. Alternatively, mailboxes can be purchased annually for ease of accounting. Accounts can be added as your business requirements change and grow, one account at a time.